Electric scooter; that's Smart 09 | 09 | 2010

    SMART, WHICH radically shook up city car driving with its brilliantly-designed Fortwo models, has just revealed plans for a new two-wheeled concept in the form of a plug-in electric scooter.

    Though details are sketchy — Smart will announce them at the Paris Motor Show later this month — it's expected the cute Smart scooter will use a lithium-ion battery and be capable of travelling up to 60 miles on a single charge.

    Smart is believed to have also addressed safety concerns by using a specially adapted airbag to provide added protection for the rider in the case of an accident.

    The manufacturer — which will also show a lightly facelifted version of the Fortwo in Paris — describes the scooter as 'a concept with a possible production future'. The big money's on it definitely making it to production as parent company Mercedes-Benz moves closer to achieving its new intended goal of providing a wide variety of mobility solutions, including two-wheelers.

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