Ferrari lift wraps on SA Aperta 25 | 09 | 2010

    IT'S FAIR TO say that no matter how much money you have stashed away under the bed, you're not going to be able to buy Ferrari's new V12. The SA Apertas has been built to mark Pininfarina's 80th anniversary and just 80 cars will be created. Not surprisingly, all 80 have already been sold.

    The SA nomenclature also pays homage to both Sergio and Andrea Pininfarina whose company and work have been linked to the most successful road-going cars ever built at Maranello.

    A true roadster, the SA Aperta has a low-slung windscreen and crouches lower to the ground than any other Ferrari models. The chassis has been redesigned to deliver a standard of stiffness comparable to that of a closed berlinetta and there is a negligible weight difference also, thanks to work done on the chassis structure.

    Thanks to the V12 670 CV engine beneath its bonnet, the SA Aperta embodies the sporty spirit of the 599, incorporating Ferrari's most advanced technology to deliver benchmark performance. Its interior too is stylishly sporty with particularly sophisticated materials, trim and colours used throughout.

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