Fiat to stick with 500's looks 29 | 09 | 2010

    FIAT, SENSIBLY, has decided that it will not radically alter the iconic shape of its 500 when the next generation of the car is designed. The news comes as the Italian giant is poised to launch the US version of the car — which has been mildly revised and is made in Mexico — in the States.

    The stance senior designers are believed to be taking is one of "this should be our Mini" and, as a result, are keen to minimise any changes to alter the iconic shape of the car which was launched in 2007, 50 years after the original model. The car entered Scottish Fiat showrooms on January 2008.

    Fiat has also ditched any plans to introduce its much-mooted Topolino city car, choosing instead to concentrate on creating a low-cost city car which will have similar dimensions to the Toyota iQ.

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