Kia recalls Soul and Sorento 08 | 09 | 2010

    KIA IS recalling its Soul (pictured) and Sorento models in Scotland after discovering a potential fault in a small section of the door wiring loom that controls the ‘mood’ lighting. The company has identified the wiring could over-heat and cause a fire. It's expected the work will take no more than one hour.

    "We are not aware of any vehicles in Scotland suffering this problem," Hamish McCowan, aftersales and logistics Director at Kia Motors (UK) said, "but we believe it is better to be safe and that is why we are taking this recall action.

    "The risk of a fire is very small and would only occur under extreme circumstances, but we want to make sure none of our customers should be anxious about the safety of their vehicles."

    The recall affects vehicles built between September 2009 and June of this year.

    Very few models were equipped with the mood lighting for the UK market as a whole. Soul was launched into the UK market in March of 2009 and Sorento went on sale from March 1 this year.

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