BMW to reveal electric 1-series ActiveE 16 | 02 | 2011

    BMW'S ALL-ELECTRIC 1-series ActiveE will be revealed in full production form at next month's Geneva Motor Show. The new two-door — which will be built in left-hand drive only and undergo a UK field trial similar to that of the Mini E— will go into limited production of just 1000 examples. During the trial, cars will be leased by the participants.

    With a maximum 170bhp and 184lb ft of torque, the 1800kg 1-series ActiveE is claimed to accelerate from 0-37mph (60km/h) in 4.5secs and to 62mph in 9.0sec. The car's maximum speed is limited to 90mph to preserve battery charge. BMW have stated the car's range is 100 miles.

    Powered by the same plug-in electric driveline planned for the MegaCity carbon-fibre city car, the new 1-series ActiveE features a brushless electric motor, rear-mounted within the axle assembly and an electronic control package sited in the boot where it reduces luggage volume by 60-litres to 200-litres.

    Energy is stored in three separate banks of lithium ion batteries – one in the space allocated for the fuel tank, a second inside the transmission tunnel and a third under the rear seat.

    CLICK HERE to see the eerily-quiet BMW all-electric 1-series ActiveE in action.

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    Jim McGill


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