Bus lane threat to car drivers 16 | 02 | 2011

    SCOTS CAR DRIVERS who travel any routes alongside bus lanes should be aware of steps being taken by a number of Scottish councils eager to have bus lane offences decriminalised.

    On the face of it, that would appear to be of benefit to car drivers. But the initiative being taken by councils in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen would take the matter out of the hands of the police and allow them to raise fines by policing bus lanes themselves.

    All three councils are pressing transport bosses in the Scottish Government. Currently, revenue raised from bus lane penalties goes to central government rather than local authorities.

    as we highlighted some weeks ago, Edinburgh City Council has already launched a tender for five portable cameras in the expectation that Transport Scotland will approve the change.

    "This detailed and complex assessment of the consultation responses is nearing completion, and a decision on the required regulations will be made in the near future," the government agency said.

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