Jaguar goes hardcore with XKR-S 24 | 02 | 2011

    JAGUAR IS gearing itself up to go head-to-head with Aston Martin. Due to be unveiled in Geneva next week, the new Jaguar XKR-S is the most powerful mass-production variant of its XK coupé yet.

    Powered by a retuned version of the XKR’s supercharged 5.0-litre V8 powerplant — delivering 542bhp, 9bhp more than even the limited-edition XKR-75 — it will hit a top speed of 186mph and catapult itself from standstill to 60mph in just 4.2secs.

    Not only does that performance edge it ahead of it's rival from Aston Martin, the N420 version of the V8 Vantage (180mph and 4.7sec), but it puts it on a par with that of the V12 Vantage. Oh, and Jaguar can happily boast the XKR-S is the only car in its class to emit less than 300g/km of CO2.

    Jaguar has carried out a number of changes to the XKR-S over the standard model. The newcomer gets 10mm lower ride height and revised dampers, steering and differential set-ups; stiffer front and rear springs; wider rear tyres and new Pirelli rubber, plus a stiffer front suspension knuckle designed to improve steering precision.

    It's also a little fruitier — well at least in terms of its exhaust note. Jaguar has revised the car's exhaust system, but rather than improve performance, the bulk of the work has been to ensure the car sounds better.

    Price? Well don't expect much change from £85,000. In fact, it might actually be closer to £90,000 when Jaguar reveals the price.

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