Smart ... well it's made 'foryou' 18 | 02 | 2011

    SMART, HAVING seen the profits made by Mini with its comprehensive 'personalising programme', has jumped on the bandwagon. The German giant has unveiled its Smart foryou customisation programme which it believes "is the perfect solution for owners who literally have designs on making their smart fortwo even more individual."

    Aimed at both private — Scotland has the biggest input into the Smart Owners Club — and fleet customers, foryou allows enthusiasts the chance to personalise the appearance of their Smart with unique graphics which can be applied to the body panels and tridion safety cell. The programme is clearly of interest to business users who can personalise their fleet vehicles with graphic designs advertising their company details.

    There are 33 exclusive designs and, depending on feasibility, Smart foryou can also accommodate owners who wish to order totally bespoke graphics. Customers will be able to purchase individual elements, packages that include designs for front, side and rear body panels, and full body wraps.

    Prices range from £50, rising to £1900 for a full ‘Carbon smart’ body wrap. All graphics are guaranteed for five years.

    "Many owners see their smart as an extension of their personality and Smart foryou allows them to show this to full effect," Gary Savage, managing director Mercedes-Benz Cars UK, said.

    “The added style of Smart foryou optimises owners’ enjoyment of their cars but for business users it can be an invaluable addition to their company, providing a very cost-effective means of advertising that is both mobile and very eye-catching.”

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