Perfect plate for a VEG4N 28 | 01 | 2011

    IF YOU'VE got a few quid burning a hole in your pocket, it might just be worth putting the next DVLA Personalised Registrations sale date in your diary, especially if you're an Alf, just fancy a laugh ... or you're a vegan.

    The three-day sale next week runs from Wednesday, February 2-4 at the Imperial War Museum in Manchester. But whether you agree with the principle of the sale or not, there's some fun to be had along the way.

    The sale will include 1500 personalised registrations, with reserves ranging from as little as £250 through to £10,000 which has been set for the event’s “star” plate – 12 O. But there are far cheaper plates up for grabs.

    How about ALF 4R (reserve £400); or LAU 666H (£600)? The sale also includes VEG 4N (£400), DOC 700R (£400), LET 11T (£400), 9 JLR (£1900), 777 CB (£2600), 5 OOO (£4000).

    Check out millions of registration plates at the DVLA.

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