Facelifted Mini revealed for 2018 11 | 01 | 2018

    THE MINI HAS been given a significant mid-life update — including tech upgrades, new dual-clutch auto transmission, standard-fit LED lights and Union Flag tail-lights — to keep it fresh for 2018. The car will go on-sale at Scottish dealerships on March 17. Expect the range to start slightly higher than the current £14,640 for the entry-level Mini One

    There’s no denying the new LED tail-lamps with the Union flag imprinted across the lens are the biggest visual change. There are also significant changes to the front lights where LED headlights are now standard. They units also accommodate new single-ring daytime running lights and a one-piece indicator design. (Related: New Mini dealership for Scotland)

    If that’s not enough for you, a new adaptive Matrix beam LED headlight system — the first of its type in the class — is available on the option list.


    As we highlighted previously, 3D-printed trim pieces are now also an option, plus the 2018 Mini gets new alloy wheel designs and is available with a choice of three extra exterior colours. There’s also a revised logo design used front and rear on the facelifted model which, to be honest, boasts a very subtle, evolutionary styling change.

    And while the car’s suspension, chassis and steering are unchanged, there’s now a detuned version of the Cooper version’s 1.5-litre turbo petrol engine slotted into the Mini One, replacing the previous 1.2-engine. Power though remains at 134bhp, but there’s a 10Nm increase in torque.


    Elsewhere in the range, there are subtle tweaks to other engines — which all now feature a new, lightweight carbon fibre-reinforced plastic cover — aimed at further improving driveability. Interestingly, the quoted fuel economy for the Cooper drops from 62.8mpg to 56.5mpg.

    Across the 2018 Mini hatch and Convertible range, there’s a new intelligent stop/start system which uses the car’s camera and navigation set-ups to switch the engine on or off as necessary. In addition, cars fitted with Mini’s drive mode selector now get a coasting function which is aimed at saving fuel.


    As previously, a six-speed manual gearbox is standard across the main range, though there’s a new eight-speed torque converter auto on the Cooper SD and JCW. On the options list buyers can opt for a new, more efficient seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox on the Mini One, One D and Cooper D.

    Inside the cabin — which can be ordered with new leather upholstery options — all 2018 Minis get the 6.5-inch colour touchscreen lifted from the MINI Countryman. This can be controlled by the familiar BMW iDrive-like controller on the centre console. Bluetooth and a new multifunction steering wheel are also standard.

    Wireless phone charging and extra USB ports are also available, while higher-specced trim levels get a new touchscreen navigation system which incorporates additional online connected services such as real-time traffic data.


    There are five engine variants for UK customers to choose from for the new Mini 3-Door Hatch:

    Mini One 3-Door Hatch: 75kW/102bhp, 0-62mph in 10.1secs (10.2secs), top speed: 121mph (121mph), fuel consumption: 57.6mpg combined cycle (58.9mpg combined cycle), CO2 emissions: 115-111g/km (114-109 g/km).

    Mini Cooper 3-Door Hatch: 100kW/136bhp, 0-62mph in 7.9secs (7.8secs), top speed: 130mph (130mph), fuel consumption: 56.5mpg combined cycle (58.9mpg combined cycle), CO2 emissions: 118-114 g/km (114-109 g/km).

    Mini Cooper S 3-Door Hatch: 141kW/192 bhp, 0-62mph in 6.8secs (6.7secs), top speed: 146mph (146mph), fuel consumption: 47.1mpg combined cycle (54.3mpg combined cycle), CO2 emissions: 139-138g/km (120-119 g/km).

    Mini John Cooper Works 3-Door Hatch: 170kW/231bhp, 0 – 62mph in 6.3secs (6.1secs), top speed: 153mph (153mph), fuel consumption: 42.8mpg combined cycle (49.6mpg combined cycle), CO2 emissions: 150g/km (130g/km).

    Mini Cooper D 3-Door Hatch: 85kW/116bhp, 0-62mph in 9.2secs (9.3secs), top speed: 127mph (127mph), fuel consumption: 72.4mpg (74.3mpg), CO2 emissions: 103-102 g/km (100-99 g/km).


    Three petrol engines and one diesel engine are offered for the new Mini 5-Door Hatch:

    Mini One 5-Door Hatch: 75kW/102bhp, 0-62mph in 10.3secs (10.5secs), top speed: 119mph (119mph), fuel consumption: 57.6mpg combined cycle (58.9mpg combined cycle), CO2 emissions: 116-112 g/km (115-110 g/km).

    Mini Cooper 5-Door Hatch: 100kW/136 bhp, 0-62mph in 8.2secs (8.1secs), top speed: 129mph (129mph), fuel consumption: 55.4mpg combined cycle (58.9mpg combined cycle), CO2 emissions: 120-116g/km (115-110 g/km).

    Mini Cooper S 5-Door Hatch: 141kW/192bhp, 0-62mph in 6.9secs (6.8secs), top speed: 146mpg (146mpg), fuel consumption: 45.6mpg combined cycle (52.3mpg combined cycle), CO2 emissions: 143-141g/km (124-123 g/km).

    Mini Cooper D 5-Door Hatch: 85kW/116bhp, 0-62mph in 9.4secs (9.6secs), top speed: 126mph (126mph), fuel consumption: 70.6mpg-72.4mpg (70.6mpg-72.4mpg), CO2 emissions: 104-103g/km (104-103g/km).


    The engine portfolio for the new Mini Convertible consists of three petrol engines:

    Mini Cooper Convertible: 100kW/136bhp, 0-62mph in 8.8secs (8.7secs), top speed: 129mph (128mph), fuel consumption: 54.3mpg combined cycle (54.3mpg combined cycle), CO2 emissions: 123-119 g/km (123-118 g/km).

    Mini Cooper S Convertible: 141kW/192bhp, 0-62mph in 7.2secs (7.1secs), top speed: 143mph (143mph), fuel consumption: 44.8mpg combined cycle (57.4mpg combined cycle), CO2 emissions: 123-119g/km (123118 g/km).

    Mini John Cooper Works Convertible: 170kW/231bhp, 0-62mph in 6.6secs (6.5sec), top speed: 150mph (149mph), fuel consumption: 42.2mpg combined cycle (47.9mpg combined cycle), CO2 emissions: 152g/km (136g/km).


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