Mercedes recalls 774,000 diesel vehicles 12 | 06 | 2018

    DAIMLER IS TO recall 774,000 Mercedes-Benz vehicles worldwide. The cars, according to the German Federal Motor Transport Agency, or KBA, are fitted with illegal software which masks diesel emissions. The decision comes after the German Government ordered the recall of 238,000 vehicles in its home market.

    The diesel Mercedes C-Class C220d and GLC 220d, as well as the Vito 119CDI, are said to be affected. The KBA can only request the recall of cars within German borders, and the transport ministry said: “The government will order 238,000 Daimler vehicles to be immediately recalled Germany-wide because of unauthorised defeat devices.”

    Dieter Zetsche, chairman of Mercedes’ parent company Daimler, is understood to have met with the KBA to discuss their findings. And while a  spokesman for the company declined to comment on specifics regarding the case, he said: “We are cooperating to a full extent and transparently with the KBA and the federal transport ministry.”

    It appears by activating the recall, Daimler, which has denied any wrongdoing throughout the fallout from Volkswagen’s dieselgate scandal — which was exposed in September 2015 — has side-stepped any threat of a fine. The recall will see the replacement of engine software.

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