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    FERRARI HAS UNVEILED a new limited edition model, the 812 Competizione. Unveiled alongside an open-top 812 Competizione A targa-style version, the limited edition is a more powerful, lightweight variant of the Italian brand’s front-engined 812 Superfast V12 berlinetta. (Related: Ferrari 812 Superfast Versione Speciale)

    Ok, let’s deal with the numbers first. Both the 812 Competizione and 812 Competizione A are powered by a tuned version of the 6.5-litre V12 engine found in the 812 Superfast. With the benefit of a number of mechanical upgrades, the powerplant now delivers 819bhp; that’s up 28bhp from the ’standard’ unit.

    Power is sent to the rear wheels via a recalibrated version of the 812’s seven-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox. Ferrari says shift times have been reduced by 5%. (Related: Salon Prive — Supercar super-day)

    In combination with  the increased power and a reduction in kerb weight, 0-62mph comes round in just 2.85-seconds. The Italian supercar company says it’ll also carry on to a top speed of “more than 211mph”. Oh … and  the rev limiter has also been increased to 9500rpm.


    To cope with the increase in power and performance, the limited edition benefits from a number of important chassis and bodywork modifications. The 7.0 version of the brand’s Slip Slide Control traction control system also makes its debut on the car. Plus the hardcore 812 gets the H-gate themed gear selector system found on newer Ferrari models. 
Another first on the 812 Superfast Competizione is the introduction of independent four wheel steering; Ferrari says it introduces a “newfound level of agility and steering responsiveness”. (Related: Ferrari 488 GT Modificata)


    The increased use of carbonfibre throughout the car has also boosted significant weight loss, shedding 38kg from the 812 Superfast. And for owners wanting to shave an extra 3.7kg from the car’s kerb-weight, they can tick the ‘option box’ for the carbonfibre alloy wheels.


    Improved aerodynamics has played a big part in the overall design. In addition to a large carbonfibre blade which is now integrated into the bonnet and helps to expel hot air from the engine, the new model gets a redesigned front end with new air intakes and a wide new, deeper chin splitter. (Related: Ferrari SF90 Spider is 986bhp hybrid)


    But it’s at the rear where the most dramatic modifications have been introduced. Not only is there a new exhaust configuration, but there’s also a new diffuser arrangement with larger airflow tunnels, plus a larger lip spoiler. Gone too is the rear window, replaced by an aluminium panel with vortex generators.


    The 812 Competizione A targa-style model shares the same front-end as the hard-top Competizione. But not surprisingly, there are major changes at the back where the rear deck has been redesigned to accommodate the different roof design. This features carbonfibre rollover hoops and a sleek cover, which houses the removable roof panel. (Related: Ferrari reveals SF90 Stradale hybrid)


    Inside the cabin of both Competizione models, it’s pretty much identical to that of the 812 Superfast with the dashboard, steering wheel and infotainment system all carried over. Also carried over are the door linings but the door panels have been redesigned. They’re also lighter than before. (Related: Ferrari's one-off P80/C track car)


    Now, back to the numbers. A total of 999 units of the hardtop Ferrari 812 Competizione, starting at €499,000 (around £432,000) will be built, with just 599 of the targa-top. The latter costs from €578,000 (almost £500,000). Sadly, if you fancy one, you’re too late. They’ve all been sold.


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