Lamborghini plans first full EV 18 | 05 | 2021

    LAMBORGHINI HAS CONFIRMED its first all-electric car will be on sale in the second half of the decade. And the Italian supercar company has also stated its full range will be electrified by 2024.  The company is aiming to reduce CO2 emissions by 50% by 2025, and an investment of 1.5 billion euros is being allocated for the electrification push. (Related: Lambo factory driver Sandy Mitchell fired-up for British GT defence)

    Although the company has stated its first fully-electric car will arrive post-2025, it hasn’t yet revealed any specifics details of the EV. It has though confirmed that it will be a new model entirely, becoming the fourth member of its line-up. Sitting “at the top of its segment”, expect the electric Lambo to be a new hypercar; something to rival the like son the Lotis Evija and NIO EP9. (Related: One-off Lamborghii SC20 speedster)


    Presenting the firm’s new strategy, called ‘Direzione Cor Tauri’, Lamborghini chairman Stefan Winkelmann (above) said the brand’s new approach would be “necessary in the context of a radically changing world. (Related: Exclusive — Interview with Lamborghini boss Andrea Baldi)

    “Our response is a plan with a 360 degree approach, encompassing our products and our Sant’Agata Bolognese location, taking us towards a more sustainable future while always remaining faithful to our DNA,” he said. (Related: Driving four Lamborghinis in 24-hours)


    The move toward the first full-electric Lamborghini will be tackled in three stages. The first, called ‘Celebrating the combustion engine’, features product launches in 2021 and 2022, including two new V12-powered models. One of these is scheduled to be the replacement for the Aventador (above).

    According to the company, cars launched during his period will “pay tribute to the company’s recent period of continuous success.” They will use combustion engines developed to pay homage to the brand’s heritage. (Related: Lamborghini Huracan STO)


    Following the two V12-engined launches, Lamborghini will begin its move towards a fully hybrid line-up in 2023. There is of course already a mild-hybrid Lamborghini, but it’s the Sian hypercar. What the company calls its first hybrid series production car should arrive two years from now. It has also stated that by the end of 2024 the entire line-up will be electrified. That means a hybrid version of the Urus (above), which will sit alongside hybrid-powered replacements for the Huracan and Aventador.

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